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Welcome to the Copyright Advisory Center

The Copyright Advisory Center is available to provide assistance to faculty, students, and staff with any questions related to copyright and use of copyrighted material.  Copyright presents a complex landscape which can sometimes be confusing to navigate. Since much of the material we encounter on a day-to-day basis is likely to be protected, it is important to have a basic understanding of copyright when using the works of others on the job, in the classroom, or for personal purposes.  This guide provides a brief overview of key copyright concepts along with links to a number of informative resources which can help familiarize you with the subject.

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Kelly Leu
Phone: 956-665-2623

Office Location: Library

Room 1.120G

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General Information:

  • Copyright, a basic introduction

  • Fair Use, an exception to the rule

  • Public Domain, free to use

  • University policies, for faculty, staff, and students


Resources for Faculty:

  • Linking library resources in Blackboard

  • Obtaining permissions

  • Tips for using material for online instruction


Resources for Students: